Advising @ SF State

Venn diagram illustrating advisor roles

First, what is the difference between the terms Advisor and Counselor at SF State?  "Advisor" refers to staff and faculty who primarily support and advise students with their academics. "Counselor" refers to staff who primarily advise and support students in other areas such as career development, financial aid, registration etc.

The overall mission of SF State is to support students' successful path to graduation and launch them on a potential career path. Our Academic Advisors and Career Counselors are here to help students achieve their goal, and the illustration above differentiates these roles.

Academic Advisors are faculty or professional staff who provide academic advising to students. They are trained to assist you with academic planning, registration and course selection, minor career/educational guidance, identification of support services, as well as facilitate academic/student development workshops. Please use the Advising Hub button below to seek more information about academic advising and support.

Career Counselors are professional staff members who are trained to help with career exploration, resume/cover development, interview skills, career assessment and professional development. Career Counselors assist with understanding yourself, understanding the job-market landscape, and understanding the small steps you can take to help you turn your career idea into a career reality.  Please use the CSLD Career Counselors button below to seek more information about CSLD's career development resources available to all SF State students.

Also, visit our Career Development and Employment page to learn about more career-related resources at SF State.