Transfer Peer Mentors

The Transfer Peer Mentors are current transfer students dedicated to supporting community college and current SF State transfer students along their educational journeys.

The Transfer Peer Mentor Program institutionalizes practices and operations that improve transfer and baccalaureate completion rates. This program also guarantees access to transfer-specific resources and events.

Looking for mentorship in your first semester at SF State? Apply here to be matched with one of our Transfer Peer Mentors!

They were able to answer any questions I had and gave me good recommendations in terms of academics.
It was amazing getting to meet people that know how SF State works!
I felt like I had the access to resources if and when I needed them.

Meet the Mentors


Tatiana Mercier

Tatiana (she/they) is a senior at SF State and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Art History. She transferred in the Spring of 2020 after spending four years at Santa Rosa Junior College.  There Tatiana earned three associate degrees in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and Art History. They love helping students get connected on campus, educating people on social justice issues, and advocating for inclusive services for transfer students of all walks of life. 

Tip for incoming transfer students: Don't doubt yourself! It can be incredibly nerve wracking to change schools, and that can cause you to doubt your skills. Remember that your experiences are valuable, and you are just as qualified as any other student.

Tip for continuing transfer students: Connect with professors who have knowledge in the field that you want to pursue. Letters of Recommendation for grad school or job opportunities can be incredibly helpful.

"I can support students with: Getting involved on campus, advocacy!"

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Evan MarLett

Evan (he/him) is a first-generation Senior at SF State pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Evan also plans to attend graduate school in the near future. He transferred from Folsom Lake College in Folsom, California where he earned both an A.A. and AA-T in Psychology, as well as an A.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Evan enjoys exploring the Bay Area, connecting others to valuable resources, and advocating for underrepresented communities. As a transfer peer mentor, Evan hopes to uplift and inspire incoming transfer students so that they can achieve great things at SF State.

Tip for incoming transfer students: Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the amazing community resources offered at SF State. Student clubs and organizations, tutoring, community events, and student job opportunities are all amazing ways to feel connected and supported on campus.

Tip for continuing transfer students: It’s important to stay on track with your classes and path to graduation. Ways to do this are by meeting with academic advisors and also making a list of the future classes you need to graduate. That being said, it’s vital to take time for yourself and practice self-care in order to avoid burnout.

“I can support students with: How to balance work and school, on-campus resources, and helping students become the best versions of themselves!"

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Maria Reyes-Fabregat

Maria (she/her) is a senior Molecular & Cell Biology student at San Francisco State who transferred from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills and hopes to become a doctor someday. Maria was born and raised in a town close to Barcelona, Spain, and moved to the Bay Area to pursue a college degree. She loves spending time with friends, reading, and learning about infectious diseases. Feel free to email her if you have any questions or want to practice Spanish!

Tip for incoming transfer students: Do not be afraid to reach out for help, find programs that interest you, and have fun!

Tip for continuing transfer students: Keep having fun, get involved in causes that matter to you, take advantage of any free SFSU programs, and don’t forget to take the classes you need to graduate!

"I can support students with: Connecting them to science programs and navigating resources!"

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Jade Chan

Jade (she/her) is a senior at SF State and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Health. She spent one year at Contra Costa College and then transferred to Solano Community College where she earned her Associate degrees in General Science, Liberal Studies, and Social Studies. After taking a gap year, she transferred to SFSU in 2021 to pursue a career in public health and epidemiology. In her free time, Jade enjoys hanging out with her friends, exploring new places, trying new food, and making jewelry. 

Tip for incoming transfer students: Imposter syndrome can be real but you deserve to be here! Take that first step in reaching out to people in your classes because chances are the person next to you wants to make friends as much as you do.

Tip for continuing transfer students: Attend the career fair workshops, reach out to guest speakers, look through Handshake for jobs, make a LinkedIn, and don’t be afraid to cold-call people to ask about opportunities.

"I can support students with: Finding opportunities, looking for resources, and time management."

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Mariana Hernandez

Mariana (she/her/ella) is a Senior at SF State! She is a first generation college student and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Education. She has attended 4 different community colleges, most recent was Skyline College in San Bruno, CA. She transferred in the Fall of 2021 and obtained her associates’ degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Her plans are to become a Psychology college professor and a school counselor. Mariana has a passion for helping others and spreading her love for education & learning. She loves spending time with her 1 year old daughter & watching her grow. She also likes to travel, cook a variety of food & exercise!

Tip for incoming transfer students: Do not be afraid to reach out! The resources are there to help you succeed.

Tip for continuing transfer students: Keep going, you’re almost there! Remember that the years are going to pass no matter what & your hard work WILL pay off. Celebrate your accomplishments!

"I can support students with: Transitioning from community college to university, connecting to the right resources, and getting engaged in the campus community!"

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Nelson Wong

Nelson (he/him) is a senior at San Francisco State University pursuing a Bachelors in Sociology with a minor in counseling. He transferred from California State University Los Angeles after taking a gap year in 2020. In the future, he hopes to receive a Masters in Counseling and fulfill his aspirations to become a school counselor. This decision stems from a desire to promote equitable educational opportunities and support the flourishing of young minds. Beyond his academic and career interests, Nelson enjoys a number of different creative endeavors such as photography and dancing. Through photography, he finds joy in going out and about documenting everyday life. And through dancing, movement allows him to loosen up, connect with music, and have fun!

Tip for incoming transfer students: Take things one layer at a time. As you will likely be juggling many classes and responsibilities at once, being aware of what requires immediate attention can help lighten the weight of overthinking. It can become easy to feel drained when we think about all the things we have to do in the next hour, day, or week (maybe even all of them at once!). For this reason, try to keep your focus on the present.

Tip for continuing transfer students: Acknowledge that you made it through your first year as a transfer student and recognize that you are enough - perhaps even more than enough. Now finish off strong!

"I can support students with: Connecting transfer students to resources, exploring student organizations, and being someone who is willing to listen when things get a bit hectic."

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Stephanie Rivera

Stephanie (she/her) is a senior at San Francisco State University, the first in her family to graduate high school and a proud indigenous first-generation college student. After transferring from City College of San Francisco with an A.A.-T. in Child and Adolescent Development and an A.S. in Social and Behavioral Science, she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in counseling. In addition to being a full-time student and peer mentor, Stephanie is an active member of the Native American Community Coalition and volunteers in gardening, holistic health, and wellness events for families. She believes in empowering students to embrace who they are and respects each person’s lived experiences.

Tip for incoming transfer students: The campus community is for you and provides resources and connecting points to support your educational journey. Getting involved can be beneficial and allow you to build on your strengths.

Tip for continuing transfer students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help no matter the circumstance. You’ve already proved how incredible you are regardless of adversity.

"I can support students with: Navigating resources, advocacy, finding a balance between academic and personal life, and professional development opportunities."

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Marisa Jimison

Marisa Jimison, Transfer Peer Mentor Project Manager

Marisa (she/ella) is a San Francisco State University alumni with a MA in Comparative World Literature, and a graduate certificate in Teaching Composition. She also holds a BA in English Education, and a BA in Spanish, and a minor in World Literature. Marisa's involvement within higher education continues to inspire her as she devotes her career to students' learning and self-development. As a former transfer student who successfully navigated the challenges that many incoming transfers face, and the current Transfer Support Coordinator within the Division of Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning, Marisa aims to foster an accessible, welcoming and equitable environment for transfer students navigating SFSU’s diverse campus community. 

Tip for incoming transfer students: Talk to people! Asking questions is a sign of bravery and initiative, and is a great way to make friends.

Tip for continuing transfer students: Slow down! I know classes can be stressful, but if you have the bandwidth make time to take care of yourself and connect with others.

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