History 451

History 451: Bay Area History and Society is an online, synchronous course that includes transfer-focused content created and facilitated by the Transfer Peer Mentors. This course is designed to provide useful resources, tips, and mentorship to first-semester transfer students at SF State. Class time is dedicated to presentations, community-building exercises, and academic activities curated to assist transfer students in building a foundation for success.

Some of the topics discussed in this course include:

  • Campus Resources

    • Library Services
    • Tutoring
    • Basic Needs
    • Advising
  • Clubs
  • Mental Health
  • Time Management
  • Community Building
  • Financial Aid
  • Self-Care
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • + More!

Exploration of the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Jose, from a socio-historical and global perspective. Exploration of various dimensions of the Bay Area's human and environmental composition and history, paying special attention to the built environment, immigration, globalization, race, and class.

(This course is offered as A U 303 and HIST 451. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix).

All coursework relating to the exploration of the bay area is done outside of class.

Course Attributes:

  • 3 Units
  • Fulfills Am. Ethnic & Racial Minorities Requirement

  • Fulfills UD-D: Social Sciences Requirement

  • Fulfills Social Justice Requirement

Prerequisites: GE Areas A1*, A2*, A3*, and B4* all with grades of C- or better or graduate standing or permission of the instructor.


I really enjoyed the class, the teacher and the mentors!
It was nice having a group of people going through the same transition as me and having that extra support.