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3 graduating students posing at Commencement

Eight Tips for College Transfers: A Survival Guide

Transferring colleges can be one of the scariest, yet most rewarding moments in life. But how do you get from the feeling of sheer intimidation to experiencing some of your best memories? Below are eight recommendations for making the most out of your experience.

One day you’ll look back at your time at SF State and you will be so glad you took that step. So hold on, because this will be a ride you will never forget.

Tip One, you're not the only one

Many students all over the nation are transferring colleges for a variety of different reasons; you are not alone. It can feel stressful and new, but embrace the change and be excited for all the opportunities ahead.

Tip Two, utilize your advisors

It is your advisor’s job to make you feel comfortable and excited to be where you are, and ready to succeed. Come prepared with plenty of questions about the campus, student life, academics, and more.

Tip Three, make sure your credits transfer

Work with your faculty advisors to identify what courses can transfer into your major. Ask questions if the evaluation of your credit is not maximizing use of your transfer units for the degree.

Tip Four, get out of your comfort zone

It is often said that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” While easier said than done, these years provide an opportunity for growth every single day, so take that step, or leap, and ...

Tip Five, take initiative

Get out, go to events, and look for new and fun opportunities. Simply go alone or ask the people you live with to join you because if you wait for others to come to you, you could be waiting a while.

Tip Six, be patient

Be patient, put yourself out there, and it will eventually start to feel right. Transition periods in life are always a challenge, but one day you’ll ask yourself what you were ever worried about in the first place.

Tip Seven, don't let the sticker price scare you

Students overlook or don’t consider many available financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Every office at your college should seek to help students as much as possible and the financial aid office is no exception.

Tip Eight, remember your why

Remember the reasons why you decided to transfer. Whether it is to change careers, give back to your community, or pursue the subject you are passionate about—do not lose sight of your "why"! Let this motivate you to push forward and reach the finish line.